Hail Protection System


Our Hail Protection System is designed to protect
agricultural cultivated land and other objects
from harmful effects of hail.

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1. Defending area – 120 hectares.

2. Period of shots from 5 sec(configurable).

3. Number of shots in one series up to – 500.

4. Shock wave velocity – 500m/sec.

5. Number of combustion chamber – 6 pcs.

6. Power Supply– 12 V DC battery (charging by solar).

7. Installation – stationary.


1. Appropriate Web interface that makes possible to use the system also through tablets

2. It does not require additional software to use

3. Stations locations display on the map

4. Simultaneous control opportunity of unlimited stations number

5. Displaying online detailed information about the stations (battery voltage, gas pressure, last data update, etc.)

6. Remote change of the injected fuel quantity and the time interval between shots

7. The ability to create users with different permissions

8. Access Log book.


1. Solar battery failure

2. Any of the doors opening

3. Low battery voltage

4. Low gas pressure

5. In case of information non-receipt within a specified period of time


1. Compared with the similar stations 20% more protected areas

2. Unique control system (the ability to integrate with other types of stations)

3. Ability of simultaneous control of unlimited number of stations

4. Ability to see online station parameters

5. Two types of communication (GSM/GPRS, SMS).

6. Shock wave generator and other parts of station are installed on two separate concrete slabs (substantially reduces adverse shaking effects on other parts of station)

7. Ability to use different types of fuel (propane, propane-butane, acetylene, etc.)

To obtain the best quality we took into account both positive and negative aspects of existing station in the market.

2 years warranty
Software free updates

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